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John Madu: A Loop in Time

Zidoun-Bossuyt Gallery is pleased to present A Loop In Time, the first solo show of Nigerian artist John Madu in Luxembourg.


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A Loop In Time is the first solo show of Nigerian artist John Madu at Zidoun-Bossuyt Gallery in Luxembourg. John Madu’s exhibition features portraiture of women and male in a context influenced by popular culture, personal experiences, African history and art history. His practice is typically dense with symbolism, featuring recurring iconography that conveys a certain meaning or a particular metaphor. John Madu overturns stereotypes of male-female domination and initiates a debate on identity. He deconstructs stereotypes of gender, social class and origin.

“A Loop In Time is an exhibition of paintings exploring figures of power, through identity, emotion and time, reinterpreting narratives in history to fit into contemporary discourse concerning social and political debates.
This body of work consists of subjects that have evolved through my years of practice, mostly figurative and portraits in my signature dark palette, characterized by bright colors. Portraiture and figurative painting have always been my main areas of interest and practice. Since my childhood, my works have been populated with faces and bodies.
A play of recognizable iconography, from history and popular culture composed in an allegorical use of symbolism to create a fun and appealing visual language”

John Madu is a Nigerian multi-disciplinary artist born in Lagos, best known for his figurative symbolic style of paintings. His work can be described as eclectic because of how he derives ideas, from a various range of influences and sources based on popular culture, African history, art history and personal experiences. Symbolism is usually evident in his work, with reoccurring iconography such as books, paintings, and other recognizable items which convey a certain meaning in art, and act as metaphors to a subject.

John Madu conveys personal narratives through allegories in his vibrant paintings. His subjects, usually depicted within their intimate domestic spaces, seemingly pose or are caught in mid- reflection. John Madu pays careful attention to the symbolism of the objects in his portraits, finding hidden meanings in the routine decor of the house. Artworks are hung on the walls of bedrooms and living rooms using surreal colors including orange hair and pink walls. The quiet subtleties of his objects come out in the small details: the texture of the popular Ankara wax fabric, the pattern of a Ghana-must-go bag, the curved design of a table lamp, …

With a in policy and strategic studies, John Madu has taught himself, how to follow a natural flow of research and idea development, exploring all possible concepts, until it is innovative and ready for high quality production, and above all to embrace his individual style, with a wide array of mediums such as acrylic paint, oil paint, spray paint, ink, burlap and collage. His multidisciplinary approach has guided his creative interest in design objects, sculpture, functional art, and even artistic fashion pieces. Madu’s art has been featured in contemporary art exhibitions locally and internationally he has collaborated with international brands such as DIESEL and Bombay Sapphire, and believes art should be perceived as a time continuum like the way we see nature and an instantaneous reflection of the creative part of ourselves being expressed, when a viewer comes in contact with his work. John Madu is exclusively represented by Zidoun-Bossuyt Gallery.

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