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IT'S ALL IN YOUR HEAD: Devorah Sperber

Solo exhibition with Devorah Sperber.

Preview Thursday June 6, 2013 from 6pm in presence of the artist Devorah Sperber.



Devorah Sperber creates mixed-media installations in which art, science and technology intersect. Fascinated by how the brain processes visual data, Devorah Sperber experiment with optics to provide viewers with a two-fold experience. She creates pixelated renditions of weel-known paintings and then constructs three-dimensional versions with simple materials such as pen caps, spools of thread, faceted beads or chenille steems.

Devorah Sperber’s work explores all aspects of perception – physical, intellectual, intuitive, and emotional. But her primary interest is perception of the optical kind – how visual information about an object is received, reflected, transmitted, reassembled and understood. By creating work that addresses the mysteries of optical perception, Sperber elevates this scientific and biological process to the level of poetics. Each of Sperber’s piece is created by hand in the time-honored craft world tradition. The resulting work is highly technical and conceptual, yet surprisingly accessible at the same time.

Sperber demonstrates that reality is an illusion created by the brain in collaboration with the human eye. Devorah’s installations are composed by thread of spools hung upside down reflected in small acrylic spheres in reference to the fact that the lens of the eye projects an inverted image of the world onto the retina, which is corrected by the brain. The clear acrylic sphere, positioned in front of each work, functions like the human eye and brain, not only inverting but also focusing the image at first side abstract and incomprehensible so that it appears as a sharp, faithful, right-side-up reproduction of what it represents. The result also plays with our visual memory. In this way our eye can see Superman, flying in the air and not an accumulation of de 690 colored thread spools.

The idea of Devorah Sperber is that in our daily life our memories of things, people and events play games with us and send us more informations than what our eyes actually see.
By borrowing well know images of cinema, music or art, her work is an hommage and a reinterpretation of modern and classic culture with science.

The second exhibition of the artist« It’s All in Your Head » transports us at the heart of an uncommon experience, where art and science mix through playful, delicate and colorful installations.

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