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Salem Alshamsi: Decoding

Zidoun-Bossuyt Dubai is pleased to present, Decoding, a solo exhibition with artist Salem Alshamsi in Dubai from 13 May to 24 June. Curated by Mojgan Endjavi Barbe.


In Salem Al Shamsi’s paintings and sculptures, one encounters a blend of repetitive patterns, geometric elements, and enigmatic Arabic calligraphy unfolds, captivating viewers with its unreadable allure.
Through art, Salem strives to communicate and illustrate first-hand emotion as a therapeutical medium to express significant events in his life in order to re-write them and experience them differently, and perhaps, with more joy.
Salem Al Shamsi is a self-taught artist based in Abu Dhabi. Alongside being a full time lawyer Salem teaches Law at Sorbonne University.
He pursued fashion at Central Saint Martin in London, where he discovered a deep interest in fashion illustration courses.
Salem had two successful solo shows, in Sorbonne University and in the Spanish pavilion of Expo Dubai.


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