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MESH DATA: Luca Dellaverson

Zidoun-Bossuyt gallery is pleased to announce the second personnal exhibition of Luca Dellaverson.

Preview on Thursday May 3, 2018 in presence of the artist.


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In his new series of works, Luca Dellaverson sourced the images for Japanese ukiyo-e prints, taken from books from the 18th and 19th centuries and then manipulated them in photoshop to make them appear heat-mapped.

This series is a continuation of a larger body of works which started with the jungle paintings shown at Tilton Gallery in 2015, where a representational digital file is printed over a stretched and painted black or abstract canvas. In these works, the colored oil painted canvas are covered with a layer of epoxy resin applied uniformly to create the smooth reflective surface. The final printed layer is then applied through a flatbed inkjet printer.

Central to this serie is the artist’s pursuit of finding new ways to make paintings. While in the past the artist has achieved this through an unconventional use of materials and a casting process, here the artist has focused on creating a new aesthetic while using stretched canvas and oil paint as a control.

Using objects and cultural products, Luca Dellaverson examines the simultaneous construction and deconstruction of our frames of reference in our constantly changing society. His works merge an intangible dimension – video imagery, LCD screens, sound, inkjet printing – with a powerful materiality in his choice of media.

Born in New York in 1987, Dellaverson lives and works in New York. He studied art at Hampshire College in Amherst, MA. His work has bee show at Tilton Gallery (in 2013, 2015 and 2017), at Nathalie Obadia (2016) and Zidoun- Bossuyt Gallery (2015 and 2018).

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