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Using objects and cultural products, Luca Dellaverson examines the simultaneous construction and deconstruction of our frames of reference in our constantly changing society. His works merge an intangible dimension – video imagery, LCD screens, sound, inkjet printing – with a powerful materiality in his choice of media.

Dellaverson developped a serie of pieces of shattered sheets of glass embedded in poured epoxy resin casts of stretched canvases. The resulting three-dimensional works come to register frontally as paintings with an all-over composition ; yet they could also be described as reliefs or wall sculptures, the physical boundaries of which are determined by the wall space traditionally commanded by a painting.

Dellaverson then explored a new technique where a representational digital file is printed over a stretched and painted black or abstract canvas. In these works, the colored oil painted canvas are covered with a layer of epoxy resin applied uniformly to create the smooth reflective surface. The final printed layer is then applied through a flatbed inkjet printer.

Central to this serie is the artist’s pursuit of finding new ways to make paintings. While in the past the artist has achieved this through an unconventional use of materials and a casting process, here the artist has focused on creating a new aesthetic while using stretched canvas and oil paint as a control.

Born in New York in 1987, Dellaverson studied art at Hampshire College in Amherst, MA. His first one-man exhibition took place at Tilton Gallery in September 2013. His work is part of the Craig Robins Collection, Miami and Pizzuti Collection, Colombus. The artist lives and works in New York.

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Preview on Thursday May 3, 2018 in presence of the artist.

Exhibition May 4 - June 16, 2018
American Graffiti

Preview on Thursday April 21, 2015 from 6pm in presence of the artist.
Exhibition April 22 – June 6, 2015

Exhibition April 22 - June 6, 2015


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Catalogue of the exhibition "American Graffiti" by Luca Dellaverson.

(April 22 - June 6, 2015)